About Us

Welcome to the Fashion Colab Clothing Label. Our design focus is for a youthful, fun and progressive lifestyle while remaining environmentally friendly. We achieve this through our partnership with Shopify Planet by contributing toward Restoring Nature and bringing the planet to a healthier state.

A portion of every sale goes toward helping over 20 innovative companies that believe we can help reverse climate change. So yes, by supporting us, you too can contribute towards giving our planet a future. Thus making us the clothing store of choice for the women of today.

Each collection provides a fusion of patterns, textures, colors and silhouettes that awaken feelings of love and freshness, freedom and determination, giving every piece you wear a sophisticated and youthful look.

The high quality of each of our products together with the delicate details and fine finishes will provide you with an unmatched experience, reflecting the philosophy of our brand. If you'd like to know more, here is a link to Our Story.